Table 2

Questionnaire modules and samples interviewed, Care Tipping Point Impact Evaluation in Nepal

Questionnaire module (source)Construct measuredSamples receiving
1. Self-efficacyIntrinsic agencyXX
2. Aspiration about marriage and education 10XX
3. Attitudes about gender10XXX
4. Menstruation knowledge, attitudes, practicesX
5. Knowledge/attitudes about sexual/reproductive healthXXX
6. Mobility or freedom of movement 10Instrumental agencyX
7. Negotiation on education, marriage, mobilityXX
8. Communication and negotiation with parentsXX
9. Participation in financial activitiesX
10. Leadership competence10XX
11. Group membership10Collective agencyXX
12. Cohesion, solidarity and mobilisation skillsXX
13. Participation in eventsXX
14. ConnectednessSocial networks and normsXX
15. Social networks10X
16. Social normsXXX
17. Differential treatment of sisterDiscrimination and violence as barriers to changeXX
18. Sexual abuseXXX
19. Peer violence10XXX
20. Violence, alcohol and drugsX
  • NMB, Never-married boys; NMG, Never-married girls; PSU, Primary Sampling Unit.