Table 1

Overview of variables, variable types and data sources

Embedded ImageFree access in 2014BinaryCochrane
Embedded ImageAccess possibility through HINARI programmeBinaryCochrane
Embedded ImageOECD member stateBinaryOECD
Embedded ImageMajority or official language is EnglishBinaryCIA
Embedded ImageNo of subscriptions (absent national subscription)IntervalsCochrane
Embedded ImageNo of summaries in majority language (in 100)ContinuousCochrane
Embedded ImageGDP per capita in 2016 US dollarsContinuousWorld Bank
Embedded ImageTotal population sizeContinuousWorld Bank
Embedded ImageAverage life expectancyContinuousWorld Bank
Embedded ImageNo of scientific articles published in all fieldsContinuousWorld Bank
Embedded ImagePercentage of population with internet accessContinuousWorld Bank
Embedded ImageNo of physicians per 1000 personsContinuousWorld Bank
Embedded ImageNo of full-text downloads in 2014ContinuousCochrane
Embedded ImageNo of summary views in 2014ContinuousCochrane
  • CIA, Central Intelligence Agency; GDP, gross domestic product; OECD, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.