Table 1

Study outcomes

Generic implementation outcomeRelated StandingTall outcome/sVariables or measuresMeasurement tool
AdoptionAt risk older people are being referred by many pathwaysUptake by different referral agents: no of referral agents and no of referrals from each sourceStudy logs
No of referral agents referring five or more older peopleStudy logs
Average hours per week provided by support persons to support participants’ use of StandingTall*Support person survey†
Average no of people supported by healthcare worker in 18-month period*Support person survey†
Uptake of participants: no older people referred who are accepted into studyRecruitment log
AppropriatenessEducation modules meet stakeholders’ information needs
Support persons are actively engaged in StandingTall, understand role
% respondents (participants and exercise specialists) agree the instruction modules on the StandingTall website are helpfulWebsite users module survey
% participants agree ‘I find StandingTall is easy to use’*Participant 3-month and 6-month surveys
% support persons rate StandingTall as good or somewhat good fit with normal practise*Support person survey†
% support persons agree the instruction modules on the StandingTall website are helpful*Support person survey†
AcceptabilityAt risk older people understand the benefits, how to use the programme and about supports% participants agree ‘I like to use the StandingTall app’Participant Survey at 3 and 6 months
% participants that rate StandingTall as a good or excellentParticipant Survey at 6 months
% hospital and community workers involved in study that rate StandingTall as a good or excellent falls prevention interventionHospital and Community Worker survey
% support persons agree that StandingTall has had a positive or somewhat positive impact on their professional practiceSupport person survey†
FidelityAt risk older people use StandingTall as prescribedAdherence to the programme as weekly training dose and total training dose recorded by the programme (Primary outcome)Adherence data transferred automatically from the programme
Coverage*At risk older people engage with StandingTall, respond to feedbackNo people enrolled in StandingTall by age and gender, at each study site and in totalREDCap
FeasibilityPartner organisations/services commit to study
Support persons give participants sufficient support
At risk older people engage with StandingTall, respond to feedback
% hospital and community-based workers who regularly monitor patient’s progress on StandingTall exercise programmeStudy logs
% hospital and community-based workers who regularly monitor patient’s progress on StandingTall exercise programme*Hospital and community-based workers survey
No of services/ partners agree to be involved and nature of involvement compared with numbers approached*Study logs
% participants agree ‘I feel confident about doing the StandingTall exercises’*Participant 3-month survey
SustainabilityStandingTall referral pathways integrated into business as usual% hospital and community-based workers who state they are definitely or probably going to keep using StandingTall as part of their patient careHospital and community based workers survey
No of health service managers’ who state that the programme is being supported by relevant clinicians and partner organisations for continued use of StandingTall programmeTargeted healthcare services manager interview
No of health service managers who anticipate that StandingTall will become part of your district/region/hospitals business as usualTargeted healthcare services manager interview
Implementation costImplementation cost of each intervention component from a health sector perspectiveStudy and financial records
% participants willing to pay a small one-off amount of $5 to access the StandingTall programme*Participant survey at 6 months
% participants interested in accessing the programme and advice from a helpline service as part of an annual subscription*Participant survey at 6 months
Adverse events*Adverse events while exercising using the StandingTall programme or thought to be directly related to the StandingTall programmeParticipant, support person and exercise specialist report
  • *These outcomes are for descriptive and/or process evaluation purposes and are not listed as outcomes in the Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry.

  • †For the purposes of qualitative follow-up, support person refers to exercise specialists, caregivers, family and friends.