Table 3

Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyse variables screened by least absolute shrinkage and selection operator regression in the development group

Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Age, years1.021.00 to 1.040.0197NA
Yes0.450.30 to 0.680.0001NA
Diabetes mellitusNo1
Yes0.620.41 to 0.950.0269NA
Hypoferric anaemiaNo11
Yes0.500.31 to 0.790.00330.490.29 to 0.830.0076
Chronic renal insufficiencyNo11
Yes0.480.30 to 0.760.00160.270.15 to 0.48<0.0001
Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseNo1
Yes0.390.14 to 1.080.0708NA
Heart rate, bpm1.031.02 to 1.04<0.0001
Diastolic blood pressure, mm Hg0.970.95 to 0.990.00560.970.95 to 0.990.0153
Respiratory rate, bpm1.101.04 to 1.150.0002NA
SPO2, %0.910.84 to 0.980.0151NA
Urine-output (first 24 hours), mL1.001.00 to 1.00<0.0001NA
MCV, fL1.041.01 to 1.070.01881.051.01 to 1.090.0066
RDW, %1.181.09 to 1.27<0.0001NA
White cells, ×10∧9/L1.111.06 to 1.16<0.0001NA
Platelet count, ×10∧9/L1.000.99 to 1.000.0028NA
Lymphocytes, %0.920.88 to 0.95<0.0001NA
Blood urea nitrogen, mg/dL1.021.01 to 1.03<0.00011.031.01 to 1.04<0.0001
Calcium, mg/dL0.390.27 to 0.55<0.00010.370.25 to 0.55<0.0001
Anion gap, mEq/L1.231.15 to 1.32<0.00011.151.03 to 1.270.0092
Lactate, mmol/L1.781.48 to 2.14<0.00011.531.21 to 1.950.0005
  • MCV, mean corpuscular volume; NA, not available; RDW, red blood cell distribution width; SPO2, saturation pulse oxygen.