Table 1

Classification of the source of drinking water and toilet facilities under the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme and cooking fuel

Drinking water sourcesPiped water, boreholes or tube wells, protected dug wells, protected springs, rainwater, and packaged or delivered waterUnprotected dug well, unprotected spring, river, dam, lake, pond, stream, canal and irrigation canal
Type of toilet facilitiesFlush/pour flush to piped sewer systems, septic tanks or pit latrines, ventilated improved pit latrines, composting toilets or pit latrines with slabsPit latrines without a slab or platform, hanging latrines or bucket latrines and open defecation
Cooking fuel typeElectricity, liquid petroleum gas, natural gas and biogasKerosene, coal/lignite, charcoal, wood, straw/shrubs/grass and animal dung