Table 2

Parameters used by six simulated SARS-CoV-2 tests

Test namePeak sensitivityLimit of detectionTurnaround timeAverage sensitivityAverage sensitivity on optimal test days
PCR9595%11 day91%94%
PCR9095%21 day86%92%
PCR8085%21 day77%83%
PCR7080%31 day66%75%
Ag8095%31 hour79%86%
Ag6580%41 hour59%66%
  • Parameters used by six simulated SARS-CoV-2 tests. Peak sensitivity refers to sensitivity caused by factors not related to test themselves. Limit of detection refers to cut-off values for viral load below which tests have lower sensitivity proportional to viral load. Turnaround time refers to time after which test results can be obtained. Average sensitivity is the averaged observed sensitivities if tests are performed during the communicable periods (with positive viral loads) for 10 000 random simulated individuals with default parameters who were infected at time 0. Average sensitivity on optimal test days is the average observed sensitivity for quarantine strategies that test individuals at selected days that result in lowest PQTR.

  • PQTR, postquarantine transmission risk.