Table 2

Removed indicators related to prepregnancy care during Delphi round 1

Level ⅠLevel ⅡLevel Ⅲ
Prepregnancy careEducation, information and health promotion 1) To inform couples of existing risks and their adverse effects on pregnancy outcomes
 2) To provide information on health maintenance and health promotion
 3) To provide consultation and intstruction on eugenics
Assessment, screening and referral 4) To assess preconceptional risk factors
 5) To screen and identify risk factors that may lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes
 6) To perform and instruct women to complete preconceptional examinations
 7) To identify abnormal results of examinations and to make appropriate referrals
Intervention measures 8) To help couples diminish or eliminate risk factors
 9) To assist in the treatment and follow-up of related diseases or risk factors
 10) To help couples make plans for pregnancy