Table 3

Final version of a midwifery-led task list and its scoring of assessment criteria

Level ⅠLevel ⅡLevel ⅢImportance
Advancement (mean±SD)Feasibility
Ⅰ−1 Antenatal care4.92±0.274.58±0.574.65±0.48
Ⅱ−1 Education, information and health promotion4.88±0.324.54±0.574.62±0.56
Ⅲ−1 To provide information on health maintenance and promotion4.88±0.324.62±0.564.77±0.42
Ⅲ−2 To provide consultation and instruction on antenatal care4.89±0.324.66±0.554.69±0.46
Ⅲ−3 To help couples make birth plan4.91±0.274.73±0.524.54±0.63
Ⅲ−4 To provide education and consultation on reproductive healthcare during pregnancy4.73±0.444.54±0.574.46±0.63
Ⅱ−2 Assessment, screening, referral and care planning4.76±0.424.41±0.574.44±0.57
Ⅲ−5 To provide registration service for women during early pregnancy4.88±0.324.54±0.694.66±0.55
Ⅲ−6 To collect health history and family history4.96±0.194.66±0.684.84±0.36
Ⅲ−7 To assess and identify pregnancy risk factors and serious complications4.89±0.324.42±0.694.54±0.50
Ⅲ−8 To make referrals and follow-ups for women with high risks or complications4.80±0.404.49±0.704.43±0.63
Ⅲ−9 To perform checkups and to instruct women to complete examinations4.84±0.364.47±0.694.53±0.57
Ⅲ−10 To help women make antenatal care plan4.89±0.324.54±0.694.61±0.68
Ⅲ−11 To assess women’s health status4.88±0.324.54±0.694.38±0.56
Ⅲ−12 To assess women’s body mass index and to develop a weight management plan4.96±0.194.62±0.684.50±0.69
Ⅲ−13 To assess fetal condition including fetal growth and development4.93±0.274.73±0.654.53±0.63
Ⅲ−14 To perform screening and referral for women with mental health problems4.88±0.324.54±0.643.85±0.86
Ⅲ−15 To identify women with previous or potential breastfeeding problems and to offer a referral if necessary4.66±0.474.31±0.684.05±0.89
Ⅱ−3 Promotion of normal pregnancy and prevention of complications4.92±0.274.54±0.574.49±0.57
Ⅲ−16 To identify symptoms of genital tract infections and to provide precautions4.50±0.644.39±0.564.20±0.68
Ⅲ−17 To provide interventions for women with common physical symptoms4.77±0.504.54±0.644.33±0.78
Ⅲ−18 To provide preventative measures for women with preeclampsia or eclampsia4.69±0.544.51±0.573.93±0.87
Ⅲ−19 To perform appropriate midwifery skills during pregnancy4.73±0.444.36±0.624.28±0.66
Ⅱ−4 First-line management of pregnancy complications4.77±0.504.31±0.673.85±0.77
Ⅲ−20 To cooperate with medical staff in obstetric emergencies4.92±0.274.66±0.554.70±0.54
Ⅲ−21 To cooperate with medical staff for treatment of pregnancy complications4.92±0.274.63±0.564.66±0.48
Ⅲ−22 To cooperate with medical staff for treatment of infectious diseases during pregnancy4.93±0.274.63±0.494.54±0.63
Ⅲ−23 To provide basic emergent obstetric care4.93±0.274.57±0.574.53±0.57
Ⅰ−2 Intrapartum care4.96±0.194.69±0.544.96±0.19
Ⅱ−5 Education, information and health promotion4.89±0.424.74±0.524.84±0.36
Ⅲ−24 To encourage women to choose trial of vaginal birth, and to provide information on promoting normal birth5.00±0.004.69±0.544.81±0.39
Ⅲ−25 To inform women of labour progress and maternal/fetal conditions4.96±0.194.69±0.614.66±0.55
Ⅱ−6 Assessment, identification and care plan4.92±0.274.70±0.544.73±0.44
Ⅲ−26 To make admission assessment on maternal/fetal conditions and pregnancy progress5.00±0.004.73±0.524.92±0.27
Ⅲ−27 To observe labour progress and use the partogram5.00±0.004.77±0.584.96±0.19
Ⅲ−28 To identify abnormal labour, to make timely referrals, and to cooperate with obstetricians5.00±0.004.85±0.364.77±0.42
Ⅲ−29 To provide continuity of care and labour support5.00±0.004.77±0.504.40±0.63
Ⅲ−30 To perform restrictive use of episiotomy5.00±0.024.81±0.394.58±0.49
Ⅱ−7 Promotion of normal labour and prevention of complications4.96±0.194.81±0.484.88±0.32
Ⅲ−31 To manage labour pain4.93±0.274.73±0.444.46±0.63
Ⅲ−32 To manage hydration and oral intake in labour4.89±0.324.76±0.514.39±0.63
Ⅲ−33 To take measures to promote labour progress4.96±0.194.62±0.494.51±0.50
Ⅲ−34 To perform appropriate midwifery skills in labour5.00±0.004.66±0.624.74±0.44
Ⅲ−35 To use uterotonic agents during the third stage of labour to prevent postpartum haemorrhage5.00±0.004.73±0.524.89±0.32
Ⅲ−36 To provide early essential newborn care4.96±0.194.66±0.624.54±0.50
Ⅲ−37 To observe maternal and neonatal conditions 2 hours post partum5.00±0.004.70±0.614.92±0.27
Ⅱ−8 First-line management of childbirth complications4.85±0.464.66±0.624.65±0.55
Ⅲ−38 To identify and initiate emergency interventions for post partum haemorrhage5.00±0.004.77±0.504.93±0.27
Ⅲ−39 To perform initial neonatal resuscitation or further resuscitation assistance5.00±0.004.77±0.504.96±0.19
Ⅱ−9 Obstetric critical and emergency care and collaboration4.74±0.594.69±0.544.35±0.68
Ⅲ−40 To make preparations for emergency caesarean sections5.00±0.004.81±0.484.80±0.39
Ⅲ−41 To perform safe blood transfusion5.00±0.024.81±0.394.88±0.32
Ⅰ−3 Postnatal care4.73±0.524.50±0.504.15±0.72
Ⅱ−10 Education, information and health promotion4.84±0.364.58±0.574.42±0.63
Ⅲ−42 To provide health promotion information on breastfeeding4.96±0.194.81±0.484.58±0.49
Ⅲ−43 To inform women of the postpartum rehabilitation process and common postnatal health problems4.89±0.324.70±0.544.62±0.49
Ⅲ−44 To provide consultation and instruction on nutrition, hygiene, activities, mental care, postnatal contraceptive, and reproductive healthcare4.93±0.274.58±0.634.20±0.74
Ⅱ−11 Overall check-up and assessment of neonatal condition4.73±0.444.43±0.574.27±0.65
Ⅲ−45 To perform overall check-up and assessment of neonatal health condition4.92±0.274.69±0.544.69±0.46
Ⅲ−46 To assess uterine contraction, fundus height and lochia to early identify postpartum haemorrhage4.96±0.194.73±0.524.85±0.36
Ⅲ−47 To assess postpartum recovery state5.00±0.004.69±0.544.69±0.46
Ⅲ−48 To assess breastfeeding condition4.96±0.194.74±0.524.53±0.57
Ⅲ−49 To identify abnormal postpartum women4.96±0.194.66±0.484.50±0.57
Ⅲ−50 To conduct screening and to make referrals for women with postpartum mental problems4.77±0.424.50±0.693.70±0.67
Ⅲ−51 To identify abnormal neonates and to make referrals4.73±0.444.50±0.644.23±0.75
Ⅲ−52 To provide consultation on screening of newborn hearing, congenital and genetic diseases4.68±0.544.54±0.574.16±0.82
Ⅱ−12 Promotion of normality and prevention of complications4.77±0.424.61±0.564.37±0.63
Ⅲ−53 To provide information on neonatal vaccinations4.73±0.524.58±0.574.61±0.62
Ⅲ−54 To provide postpartum mental healthcare4.89±0.324.61±0.634.10±0.79
Ⅲ−55 To provide postnatal follow-up4.72±0.454.42±0.693.73±0.71
Ⅲ−56 To provide postnatal care and neonatal care4.87±0.324.47±0.634.49±0.50
Ⅱ−13 First-line management of postnatal complications4.59±0.804.54±0.634.00±0.78
Ⅲ−57 To cooperate with medical staff for treatment of abnormal women4.96±0.194.62±0.564.66±0.62
Ⅲ−58 To cooperate with medical staff for treatment of abnormal neonates4.88±0.324.58±0.634.57±0.63