Table 1

Weighted characteristics of study sample: NHANES 2007–2014 (n=3040)

Age: mean (SE)42.4 (0.3)
Weight change—1 year (lbs)†: mean (SE)−5.9 (0.4)
Current BMI (kg/m2): mean (SE)31.8 (0.2)
 Non-Hispanic white70.1%
 Non-Hispanic black10.8%
Marital status
 Married/living together67.1%
 Never married17.9%
 College educated36.3%
Self-reported health status
 Very good33.0%
 Household size: mean (SE)3.1 (0.0)
Annual household income
 <US$20 0008.9%
 US$20 000–US$44 99920.1%
 US$45 000–US$74 99925.7%
 ≥US$75 00045.2%
Fast-food meals-past week
 HEI-2015§: mean (SE)51.0 (0.4)
 Kcal: mean (SE)2175.4 (18.1)
 Moderate alcohol**51.9%
 Physical activity guidelines††65.2%
  • *If percentages do not reach 100% that is due to rounding.

  • †Weight change from previous year to the current year.

  • ‡LTWL was calculated by subtracting the reported weight 1 year ago or current weight (the higher of the 2), by the reported maximum weight, and then multiplying by 100 to receive a percentage.

  • §HEI-2015: indicates adherence to Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The score ranges from 0 to 100 with the highest score indicative of complete compliance with the guidelines. Kcal- total daily calories.

  • ¶Smoking: current smoking status was based on blood cotinine levels using an established cut-off of 3.08 ng/mL.

  • **Moderate alcohol: participants were defined as meeting moderate drinking guidelines, if consuming one alcoholic drink or less per day for women or two drinks or less daily for men.

  • ††MET minutes per week for leisure time physical activity. Meeting physical activity guidelines refers to ≥500 MET min/week.

  • BMI, body mass index; HEI, Healthy Eating Index; LTWL, long-term weight loss; MET, metabolic equivalent of task.