Table 3

Student and staff perspectives in relation to themes

Addressing practical issues
Impact on experiencing smooth educational transitions and establishing financial security
  • Familiarity with the city.

  • Provision of bursaries during Gateway.

Student and staff
  • Familiarity with the university environment.

  • Opportunity to secure relevant paid work experience in Gateway and beyond.

Establishing staff support
Impact on positive transitions through educational environments and supporting progression
  • Staff supporting development of peer networks.

Student and staff
  • Staff supporting transitions.

Developing peer support networks
Impact on positive transitions through educational environments, feeling and developing confidence
  • Establishing early peer support networks prior to commencing Gateway.

  • Opportunities to integrate with wider university student body.

Student and staff
  • Developing peer support networks within the Gateway programme.

Development of professionalism and identity
Establishing self-belief and sense of belonging
Student and staff
  • Developing identity as a professional.

  • Developing identity as a university student.

  • Developing identity as a young adult.

Experience of relevant curriculum
Impact on enhancing confidence and preparedness, and experience of smooth educational transitions
Student and staff
  • Scaffolded learning throughout Gateway to support transitions.

  • Provision of practical sessions which enable students to develop knowledge and skills to help with an application to medicine.

  • Using Gateway as an opportunity to test suitability for a career in medicine.

  • Refinement of Gateway curriculum based on student feedback.