Table 1

Search strategy-Education Resources Information Center

S1(“Operating room teams”) AND (“performance”)0
S2(“Operating room teams”) AND (“practice”)0
S3(“distributed cognition”) AND (“team performance”)0
S4(“Operating room teams”) AND (“learning”)0
S5(“Cognitive Load”) AND (“dyad performance”)0
S6“Health dyads” AND “Learning” or “Behavior”0
S7(“dyad” OR “surg* dyads” OR “health dyads” OR “surgery”) AND (“communicat*” OR “perform*” OR “coordinat*” OR “expect*” OR “practice*” OR “cognit*” OR “lead*”)109
S8(“surg* dyads”) AND (“communicat*” OR “perform*” OR “coordinat*” OR “expect*” OR “practice*” OR “cognit*” OR “lead*”)4
S9(“surgeon dyads” OR “health dyads” OR “medical dyads”) AND (“communicat*” OR “perform*” OR “coordinat*” OR “expect*” OR “practice*” OR “cognit*” OR “lead*”)6
S10(“expert healthcare dyad*” OR “expert healthcare team*” OR “expert medical team*” OR “expert operating room team*”) AND (Learn* OR practic* OR educat* OR “deliberate practice” OR communic* OR coordinat*) AND (performance)1
S11(“healthcare dyad*” OR “healthcare team*” OR “medical team*” OR “operating room team*”) AND (“Learn*” OR “practic*” OR “educat*” OR “communic*” OR “coordinat*” OR “perform*”)11