Table 3

Major themes relating to general practitioner and nurse practitioner views of electronic reminders

(1) Reaction to a reminder
 Initial reaction to a reminder
  Dependent on situation
  Use of reminders to organise consultation
(2) Factors influencing decision to act
 Situational factors influencing decision to act on reminders
  Inappropriate timing of reminder
  Time constraints
  Oversensitive or invalid reminders
 Individual factors influencing decision to act on reminders
  The perceived value of the advice given
  Beliefs reminders promote better care
  Experience in professional role
  Consultation style
  Consequences of ignoring
(3) Consequences of using reminders
 Negative consequences of using reminders
  Costs associated with software
  Changes clinicians’ behaviour
  Workload increases
(4) Factors relating to improving reminders
 Need to improve number and validity of reminders
  Improving reminder design
  Making number of reminders manageable
  Standardisation of reminders
 Need to improve efficiency managing reminders
  Team working
  Patients’ role in managing their conditions