Table 3

Current and preferred modes of learning about genomics (n=273)*

Mode of learning about genomicsCurrently use (%)Prefer to use (%)
Continuing professional development/continuing medical education activities51.879.8
Consult colleagues and peer54.079.4
Internal workplace specialty seminars, conferences or similar34.174.0
Departmental presentations35.872.0
Clinical meetings34.871.4
External specialty seminars, conferences, etc36.067.3
Internal workplace genetic or genomic seminars, conferences, etc24.966.3
Reading specialty texts48.263.2
Online webinars, courses, massive open online courses (MOOCs), etc15.859.6
Certification/fellowship activities34.456.4
External genetic or genomic seminars, conferences, etc18.450.0
Small group tutorials8.144.9
Study days at place of employment12.541.9
Genomic research project17.632.6
Time in a service or laboratory with genomics expertise6.217.6
Mass media12.514.0
Social media7.411.0
Other (eg, fact sheet written by geneticist)0.00.4
  • *Respondents could select more than one mode.