Table 1

Measurements of the Healthy Heart study.

OutcomeMeasurementFrequency (months)
Baseline characteristicsAge, gender, body weight, length, nationality, educational status, living status, working status, living area
Primary outcomeGoal setting
Motivation + self-confidence
Achievement of goals
Secondary outcomes
Lifestyle changes
Physical activitySQUASH
DietDHD-FFQ, DHD index
WeightBMI, weight, waist circumference
Alcohol consumptionDHD-FFQ
Smoking status7 days + 6 months of abstinence
Quality of lifeSF-12, EQ-5D-5L
General self-efficacyGeneral Self-Efficacy Scale
Food security statusSix-item short form
Routine care dataMeasurement results (blood pressure + cholesterol levels)
Healthcare useGP, hospital, dietician, physiotherapist, lifestyle coach, homecare
Implementation outcomesRE-AIM process evaluation
Focus groups professionals + patients
  • BMI, body mass index; DHD-FFG, Dutch Healthy Diet Food Frequency Questionnaire; DHD index, Dutch Healthy Diet index; EQ-5D-5L, 5-level EQ-5D; GP, general practitioner; QALYs, quality-adjusted life years; RE-AIM, Reach Effectiveness Adoption Implementation Maintenance; SF-12, short form-12; SQUASH, Short Questionnaire to Assess Health-enhancing physical activity.