Table 5

Respondent trusted sources of information surrounding COVID-19

Sourcen (%)*
Sources of information
 News, media (eg, TV, radio and newspapers)360 (90.0)
 Informational calls/SMS161 (40.3)
 Social media (eg, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat)21 (5.3)
 Official government/international websites (eg, Ministry of Health, WHO and CDC)10 (2.5)
 Family members, colleagues and friends38 (10.0)
 Employer, work colleagues, and others at work7 (1.8)
 Non-governmental organisations21 (5.3)
 Informational campaigns17 (4.3)
 Local or community leaders8 (2.0)
 Journals8 (2.0)
Trust in sources to provide COVID-19 information
 Family members162 (41.3)
 Religious official190 (48.5)
 Community elder31 (8.0)
 Health official144 (36.7)
 Humanitarian aid worker19 (4.8)
 Social media17 (4.3)
 Web news9 (2.3)
 Television41 (10.5)
 Radio225 (57.4)
  • *Values are frequency (percentage).