Table 1

Matrix of sample variables related to the antecedent concept (integration of HIV) and descendent concept (self-management of HIV), adapted from Schulman-Green et al48 and organised according to the dimensions within the individual and family self-management theory45

living with HIV
Adjustment, transitioning, acceptance, integration, incorporation, coping, making meaning, enrichment/growing as a person as a result of HIV, Identity
Self-mManagementContext dimensionPresence of family, friends healthcare providers and community
  • Social support (ability and capacity to enlist illness related help, for example, family member assists with collecting chronic medication from healthcare facility on behalf of patient)

  • Communication, relationship and service provision coordination

  • Spiritual support, capacity to address social and environmental challenges (eg, stigma)

Process dimensionEducation about HIV and taking Ownership
  • Acquiring information about HIV

  • Learning about individual regimen

  • Learning about body’s responses (side effects from treatment)

  • Becoming an ‘expert’ about HIV

Outcome dimension (proximal and distal)actual engagement in self-management behaviours/health promoting activities specific to HIV
  • Management of daily illness needs

  • Completing health tasks (keeping to care provision appointments)

  • Maintaining good health behaviours (consistent adherence to ART)

  • Changing health behaviours (consistent use of condoms)

  • Any other issues related to health status (viral load suppression), quality of life or

  • perceived well-being (living well with HIV)