Table 1

Examples of connected digital product usage identified in clinical trials

CDP search term(s)Trial typeTrial identifier
Fitbit, video-conferencingPreperiod, non-COVID, interventional, non-industryHospital-sponsored, phase 4 trial to determine whether an approved drug for attention deficit disorder can help patients with mild cognitive impairment. Fitbit Charge 3 is used to continuously monitor sleep and activity. All visits occur over videoconferencing.NCT03811847
Home-based pulse oximeter, virtual care platform Postperiod, COVID, interventional, non-industryCanadian research institute-led trial to demonstrate effectiveness and efficacy of a virtual care model for patients with COVID-19 in home isolation. Patients are given a home-based pulse oximeter and access to a virtual care platform (VIRUTES).NCT04420182
Apple watchPostperiod, non-COVID, interventional, non-industryUniversity-sponsored interventional trial testing whether a novel intervention reduces early reoccurrence of atrial fibrillation after catheter-based ablation. Uses Apple Watch worn continuously by participants to measure and record ECG data for the primary endpoint.NCT04433091
Telemedicine, eDiaryPostperiod, non-COVID, interventional, industryPfizer-led phase 2a proof of concept study evaluating the efficacy and safety of crisaborole in adults with stasis dermatitis. Uses a de-centralised trial design involving remote contact by telemedicine and an eDiary for participant data collection.NCT04091087
TelevisitPostperiod, non-COVID, interventional, non-industryVA-sponsored interventional trial evaluating the effect of a pharmacist led medication management intervention on improving medication use for elderly patients with complex medication routines. Interactions occur via televisit.NCT04340570
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