Table 5

ATTs of HSP participation on birth weight and PTB

HSP populationELBWPTB
HSP %Matched %ATT95% CI*P value*HSP %Matched %ATT95% CI*P value*
Statewide0.220.45−0.23−0.39 to –0.060.0077.387.48−0.28−0.87 to 0.660.793
Rural border counties0.210.50−0.29−0.60 to 0.020.0685.816.82−1.01−2.31 to 0.280.126
Latina0.190.50−0.31−0.52 to –0.100.0057.167.66−0.50−1.48 to 0.480.314
American Indian0.230.26−0.03−0.42 to 0.370.8948.107.890.20−1.99 to 2.400.855
Teen mothers (age: <20 years)0.470.300.18−0.27 to 0.620.4406.659.45−2.81−4.71 to –0.910.004
Pre-existing health risk†0.120.30−0.17−0.52 to 0.170.22216.0315.690.34−2.96 to 3.650.314
  • *ATT and p value based on estimated propensity score.

  • †Pre-existing health risks defined as the presence of pre-existing (non-gestational) diabetes and hypertension.

  • ATTs, average treatment-on-the-treated effects; ELBW, extremely low birth weight; HSP, Health Start Programme; PTB, preterm birth.