Table 3

Matching results (baseline equivalence) for teen mothers and mothers with pre-existing health risks

Teen mothers (Age <20 years)Mothers with pre-existing health risks*
Non-HSPHSPMatchesP valueSDNon-HSPHSPMatchesP valueSD
N95 7501264681079 9128172101
Maternal age (years)
 Age <20100.0100.0100.01.000<0.0013.
 Age 20–
 Age 25–300.
 American Indian9.712.712.10.67310.717.117.50.845
 Other race/ethnicity6.
Maternal nativity
 Mother born in USA79.783.284.80.2860.04374.466.866.20.7930.014
 Mother born in Mexico18.316.114.60.29517.327.728.30.783
 Mother born outside USA2.
Mother’s education
 Less than high school55.357.657.30.8760.04320.129.431.40.3810.044
 High school/GED36.434.735.20.80227.234.533.50.676
 Some post-secondary7.
 4-year degree or more0.
 Education missing0.
 Private/commercial insurance11.
 Other insurance4.
First birth80.680.882.60.2370.04728.430.729.90.7060.019
Pre-existing health risk3.
  • Matches: comparison group identified via propensity-score. All models control for median income at the zip code level, county of residence and year of birth. Participant subgroups matching models may include additional interactions between controls in order to achieve baseline equivalence. Full tables available upon request.

  • *Pre-existing health risks defined as the presence of pre-existing (non-gestational) diabetes and hypertension.

  • HSP, Health Start Programme; SD, standardised difference.