Table 4

ATTs of HSP on birth weight

HSP populationLBWVLBW
HSP %Matched %ATT95% CI*P value*HSP %Matched %ATT95% CI*P value*
Statewide5.965.920.04−0.65 to 0.730.9180.670.83−0.16−0.41 to 0.080.368
Rural border counties5.476.03−0.56−1.80 to 0.690.3810.630.84−0.22−0.67 to 0.230.342
Latina5.855.460.39−0.49 to 1.260.3850.630.98−0.35−0.69 to –0.010.044
American Indian3.766.05−2.30−4.07 to –0.530.0110.350.64−0.29−0.87 to 0.290.323
Teen mothers (age: <20 years)7.047.76−0.72−2.61 to 1.170.4551.191.23−0.04−0.88 to 0.790.918
Pre-existing health risk†9.4212.49−3.06−5.82 to –0.300.0301.101.63−0.53−1.56 to 0.510.318
  • *ATT, CI and p value based on estimated propensity score.

  • †Pre-existing health risks defined as the presence of pre-existing (non-gestational) diabetes and hypertension, and/or previous PTB.

  • ATTs, average treatment-on-the-treated effects; HSP, health start program; LBW, low birth weight; PTB, preterm birth; VLBW, very low birth weight.