Table 1

Description of the trials

Trial nameTotal sample sizeSpecial populationPermit prior statin*Ave ageRun-in periodMedian years F/U
Placebo moderate
 4D, A20241255DM II, ESRDY, -HS66Placebo4.0
 4S, S20-S40254444MI or anginaY, -HS59Placebo5.4
 AFCAPS, L20-L40266605Healthy adultsN58Placebo+diet5.2
 ALERT, F40-F80272094Renal transN50None5.4
 ASCOT, A1028 2910 810HTN+CVD riskN63Not statin3.3
 ASPEN, A10302410DM IIY, -HS61Placebo4.0
 AURORA, R10312767ESRDN64Placebo3.2
 CARDS, A1032 332838DM IIY, -HS62Placebo4.0
 CARE, P40344159MIY, -HS59Placebo5.0
 CORONA, R10355011ESRDY, -HS73Placebo2.7
 GISSI-HF, R10364574CHFY, -HS68None3.9
 HOPE-3, R10376349Healthy, CVD riskY, -HS66Statin5.6
 LIPID, P40389014MI or anginaY62†Placebo+diet6.0 (mean)
 LIPS, F80391640Coronary percutaneous interventionY60None3.9
 MRC/BHF (HPS), S4040 4120 536CHD/CHD riskN64Placebo, then statin5 (mean)
 PROSPER, P40425804Elderly, CHD riskY75Placebo3.2 (mean)
 WOSCOPS, P4043 446604Healthy malesY55None4.9 (mean)
 JUPITER, R204617 802Healthy adultsN66Placebo1.9‡
 SPARCL, A80454731CVA/TIAY63None4.9
 TRACE, A40473002RAN, -HS61None2.5
Moderate to high
 A to Z, S40-S80 vs 0-S20114497Acute coronary syndromeN61None1.98
 PROVE-IT, A80 vs P40134162Acute coronary syndromeY, if <80 mg58None2.0 (mean)
 SEARCH, S80 vs S201012 064MIY64Statin+placebo6.7
 TNT, A80 versus A101210 001CHDY61Statin4.9
  • *Y=yes, N=no and -HS=statin hypersensitivity exclusion.

  • †Median.

  • ‡Trial was designed for 2 years of follow-up but met study end points and terminated the blinded portion of the study earlier.