Table 2

Comparing the responses of the survey questionnaire on COVID-19

Related questionsOverallBAMENon-BAMEBAME vis-à-vis non-BAMELatent variableOR(P value)
SD(P value)
Vaccines are safe3.970.9383.671.0364.010.904(0.000)Perception of generic vaccine on overall health1 (reference category)
Vaccines keep you healthy4.070.9513.791.0674.110.916(0.000)
Vaccines are imp. for overall health4.140.9633.861.0704.190.925(0.000)
Approved COVID-19 vaccines are safe4.041.0193.771.1204.090.986(0.000)Perception of COVID-19 vaccine on overall health3.34(0.000)
Vaccine is a necessity for COVID-194.081.0693.771.1474.131.035(0.000)
Vaccine is best to prevent COVID-194.171.0583.821.1834.221.016(0.000)
Only vaccine can control COVID-194.111.0983.801.2014.161.061(0.000)
COVID-19 vaccine won't harm me3.941.0223.671.1593.980.986(0.000)
  • Note: The table reports the mean scores of the responses of the COVID-19 survey. In total, there were 4884 respondents. A 5-point Likert Scale was used for this survey, that is, strongly disagree (1), disagree (2), neutral (3), agree (4) and strongly agree (5). The reliability coefficient range of the questionnaire is 0.91 (value of Cronbach’s alpha). The latent variables were estimated using principal component analysis. For the questionnaire, the null hypothesis of Bartlett’s test of sphericity was rejected at 1% significant level, stating that the variables are not orthogonal, that is, they are correlated. The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin value is 0.89 indicating that the sampling is adequate. The OR of the latent variables was computed employing binary logistic regression model.

  • BAME, black, Asian and minority ethnic.