Table 3

Non-uptakers of approved COVID-19 vaccine

Non-uptakers category
Not sure (677 respondents)Refusers (334 respondents)Total (1011 respondents)
Gender (%)
 Prefer not to say1.335.392.67
 Smoker (%)5.6113.778.31
 Diagnosed health condition (%)35.4529.9433.63
Qualification (%)
 No qualification2.220.601.68
 School graduates31.1726.3529.57
 Prefer not to say9.6018.8612.66
Age group (%)
 Under 180.000.300.10
 Prefer not to say1.484.192.37
Ethnicity (%)
 Prefer not to say7.247.193.46
 Record of declined vaccination (%)20.5352.0930.95
  • Note: The table reports the demographic details of respondents who chose not to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Overall, 1011 respondents chose not to take the vaccine.

  • BAME, black, Asian and minority ethnic.