Table 1

Description of the survey respondents for the whole sample

RespondentsPercentage (%)RespondentsPercentage (%)
Interested in approved COVID-19 vaccineGender
 Interested387379.3 Woman341669.9
 Not interested3346.8 Man142629.2
 Unsure67713.9 Prefer not to say420.9
Age groupEthnicity
 Under 1870.1 Caucasian—English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British412784.5
 18–2952510.7 Caucasian—Irish491.0
 30–3970814.5 Caucasian—Gypsy or Irish Traveller30.1
 40–49104221.3 Caucasian—Roma20.0
 50–59110122.5 Caucasian—others1934.0
 60–6991418.7 Asian/Asian British—Indian2585.3
 70 and above55211.3 Asian/Asian British—Pakistani300.6
 Prefer not to say350.7 Asian/Asian British—Chinese190.4
BAME community Asian/Asian British—Bangladeshi180.4
 Non-BAME437489.6 Mixed/multiple ethnic groups691.4
 BAME4619.4 Black/African/Caribbean/black British—African671.4
 Prefer not to say491.0 Prefer not to say491.0
 No formal qualifications1272.6 Smoker3867.9
 Up to A level157432.2 Non-smoker449592.0
 University degree (undergraduate)178036.4 Prefer not to say30.1
 Postgraduate101020.7Diagnosed health issue
 Prefer not to say3938.0 No diagnosed health issues293560.1
 At least one diagnosed health issue194939.9
  • Note: The table above reports the demographic insights of the respondents of the COVID-19 survey. There were 4884 respondents, and the table is based on the full data collected.

  • BAME, black, Asian and minority ethnic.