Table 1

Clinical characteristics

Median (range)/N (%)/mean±SD
Age (years)34.5 (21–43)
BMI, kg/m228.5±4.3
Nulliparous17 (22%)
GA, weeks39 (36–40)
Preoperative Hb, g/L113±11
Preoperative fasting, hours12.0±2.8
Systolic AP, mm Hg134±14.0
Mean AP, mm Hg91±9.2
Diastolic AP, mm Hg68±7.5
HR, beats/min77±11.6
  • Clinical characteristics of 76 patients.

  • *Baseline values representing a 60 s mean of intra-arterial blood pressure and heart rate with the patient in left lateral position.

  • AP, arterial pressure; BMI, body mass index; GA, gestational age; HR, heart rate.