Table 1

Scoring categories for the mental health disorders

PHQ-9 (Depression)IES-R (Distress)
Normal (0–4)Normal (0–8)
Mild (5–9)Mild (9–25)
Moderate (10–14)Moderate (26–43)
Severe (15–27)Severe (44–88)
Binary cut-off—10Binary cut-off—26
GAD-7 (Anxiety)SPFI (Burnout)
Normal (0–4)Yes (>1.33)
Mild (5–9)No (≤1.33)
Moderate (10–14)
Severe (15–21)SPFI (Professional fulfilment)
Binary cut-off—7Yes (>3.0)
ISI (Insomnia)No (≤3.0)
Normal (0–7)
Subthreshold (8–14)
Moderate (15–21)
Severe (22–28)
Binary cut-off—15
  • GAD-7, 7-item Generalized Anxiety Disorder; IES-R, Impact of Event Scale-Revised; ISI, Insomnia Severity Index; PHQ-9, 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire; SPFI, Stanford Professional Fulfillment Index.