Table 2

Participants’ attitudes towards ‘No Smoking’ policy implementation on Qatar University (QU) campus.

Attitudes regarding policy complianceN (%)
Extent people comply with the current smoking policy on QU campus
 Totally29 (17.0)
 Mostly26 (15.3)
 Somewhat37 (21.7)
 Not at all18 (10.6)
 Don’t know60 (35.3)
Exposure to secondhand smoke on campus
 Never54 (32.2)
 Rarely40 (23.8)
 Sometimes37 (22.0)
 Often25 (14.8)
 Always12 (7.2)
Secondhand smoke on campus causes concern or annoyance
 Yes80 (47.6)
 No57 (33.9)
 No opinion31 (18.5)
Exposure to secondhand vapour from electronic vapour products
 Never95 (57.9)
 Rarely36 (21.9)
 Sometimes24 (14.6)
 Often5 (3.0)
 Always4 (2.4)
Secondhand vapour from electronic vapour on campus causes concern or annoyance
 Yes52 (31.5)
 No68 (41.2)
 No opinion45 (27.3)
Attitudes regarding policy enforcement
Extent of policy enforcement on QU campus
 Totally27 (16.1)
 Mostly16 (9.5)
 Somewhat35 (20.8)
 Not at all21 (12.5)
 Don’t know69 (41.1)
QU has a responsibility to reduce the risk of tobacco addiction by adopting policies that discourage all tobacco use
 Strongly agree65 (40.4)
 Somewhat agree28 (17.4)
 Neutral41 (25.5)
 Somewhat disagree12 (7.4)
 Strongly disagree15 (9.3)
QU has responsibility to adopt policies that ensure people have smoke-free and vapor-free air to breathe
 Strongly agree90 (56.9)
 Somewhat agree28 (17.7)
 Neutral27 (17.1)
 Somewhat disagree8 (5.0)
 Strongly disagree5 (3.2)