Table 2

Characteristics of children with KD and their caregivers regarding cognition development of children with KD

B (95% CI)P value
Children’s characteristics
 Age (months)0.07 (−0.01 to 0.15)0.067
 Age of KD onset (months)−0.01 (−0.16 to 0.13)0.846
 Male1.38 (−3.43 to 6.19)0.572
Intravenous immunoglobulin
 None3.01 (−10.86 to 16.88)0.669
 Once1.43 (−7.25 to 10.11)0.746
Coronary artery aneurysms
 Without1.32 (−3.42 to 6.07)0.583
Caregivers’ characteristics
 Age (years)−0.07 (−0.66 to 0.52)0.824
 Male−5.23 (−11.97 to 1.52)0.128
Education levels
 High school or lower−3.73 (−12.25 to 4.78)0.388
 College−1.13 (−9.60 to 7.35)0.794
 Master or above1
  • The dependent variable in the multiple linear regression model is a cognitive score (Early Learning Composite Score of the MSEL or the Full-Scale IQ of the WPPSI or WISC-IV). Data are expressed as B value, 95% CI and p value using multiple linear regression model. Adjusted R2 of this regression model=0.054.

  • KD, Kawasaki disease; MSEL, Mullen Scales of Early Learning; WISC-IV, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition; WPPSI, Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence.