Table 2

COVID-19 misconceptions among the participants (n=416)

Misconception regarding spread
 COVID-19 spreads through mosquito bites.17542.0
 COVID-19 spreads through COVID-19 testing.5312.7
 All returning migrants carry COVID-19.9623.0
 COVID-19 is transmitted only to non-religious or less religious people.13131.4
 COVID-19 is transmitted only to people who practice ‘socially unacceptable activities’.10725.7
Misconception regarding prevention
 Drinking water can prevent COVID-19.24759.3
 Nutritious food can prevent COVID-19.26062.5
 Everyone should wear personal protective equipment when outdoors to prevent COVID-19.35284.6
 COVID-19 patients do not have to quarantine.4410.5
 We should not go to the funeral of people who died of COVID-19.16439.4
 Smoking does not increase the risk of COVID-19.16439.4
Misconception regarding treatment
 Doctors can cure COVID-19.8720.9
 Traditional healers can cure COVID-19.10.2
 Antibiotics can cure COVID-19.112.6