Table 1

Characteristics of the three levels of acuity at the Aga Khan University Hospital

Characteristics of careLow-level acuityIntermediate-level acuityHigh-level acuity
Emergency severity illness scoreStable patients* (P3)Unstable and critical patient† (P2)Critical and life-threatening patient (P1)
Vitals monitoringEvery 6 hoursContinuous monitoringContinuous monitoring
Nurse-to-patient ratio1:51:3–41:1
Doctor-to-patient ratio1:81:41:3
Non-invasive ventilation availableNoYesYes
Invasive ventilation availableNoNoYes
Cost in US$/day154193290
  • *Requiring hospital admission or oxygen.

  • †If unstable patients remain critical in the emergency room, they were initially admitted to high acuity.