Table 1

Characteristics of the participants (n=416)

Age (year)
Marital status
Family size
Living arrangement
 Living with family members36287.0
 Living alone5413.0
Dependent on the family for living
Walking distance to the nearest health centre
 <30 min33079.3
 ≥30 min8620.7
Memory or concentration problems
 No problem35685.6
 Low memory or concentration6014.4
Pre-existing chronic conditions
*Sources of COVID-19 related information
 Health workers29872.2
Concerned about COVID-19
Overwhelmed by COVID-19
Feeling left out during the pandemic
Frequency of communication during COVID-19
 Same as previous17040.9
 Less than previous24659.1
Close friends or family members diagnosed with COVID-19
  • *Multiple responses so total percentage may not equal 100.