Table 1

Topic guide for appreciative inquiry interviews

1.Thinking back to February before COVID-19 was an issue, what did you value most about your placement?
2.Did this change when we were moved onto the emergency COVID-19 rota? If so, how?
3.What are your strengths and how were they used during the COVID-19 surge?
4.What did you value most about the hospital response to the COVID-19 surge?
5.What stretched you during the COVID-19 surge? What factors helped you to manage?
6.What were your most valuable educational experiences during the COVID-19 surge?
7.If you had a magic wand and could have three wishes granted to improve trainee experience/working conditions if we experience a second COVID-19 surge, what would they be?
8.Do you have any ideas about how we could implement these ideas?
9.If willing, please would you share your grade and specialty?
10.Do you have any other comments?