Table 6

Summary of survivors' characteristics predicting EQ-5D-3L scores* (n=735)

PredictorUnstandardised coefficientsStandardised coefficients95% CI levels for BR2 Adjusted R2 F-testP value
BSEBetaP valueLower levelUpper level
Survivor age−0.0130.006−0.0760.043−0.0250.000
Existing health condition0.2980.1570.0700.059−0.0110.607
Hospital stay for COVID-190.6440.1810.1310.00010.2881.001
Number of weeks since COVID-19 diagnosis0.0500.0120.1540.00010.0270.073
Male gender−0.4710.169−0.1010.005−0.802−0.139
  • *Multiple regression; B=the slope of the line between the predictor variable and the dependent variable—the larger the number, the more spread out the points are from the regression line; F-test=degree of the linear regression model fitting the data; R2=how well the model fits the data; males=1 and females=0; females are the reference group.

  • EQ-5D-3L, EuroQol group five dimensions three level.