Table 7

Summary of family member/partner characteristics predicting FROM-16 scores* (n=753)

PredictorUnstandardised coefficientsStandardised coefficients95% CI levels for B R2 Adjusted R2 F-test P value
B SE Beta P value Lower level Upper level
EQ-5D-3L score2.0190.1340.4950.0011.7572.282
Age family member−0.0440.030−0.0730.144−0.1020.015
Number of weeks since COVID-19 diagnosis−0.0640.043−0.0480.144−0.1490.022
Male family member−1.3570.587−0.0800.021−2.510−0.204
Have you also had COVID-19?1.1380.5240.0710.0300.1092.167
 Sons and daughters−3.2431.108−0.1230.004−5.419−1.067
 Brothers and sisters−4.0791.476−0.0900.006−6.977−1.180
Survivor age−0.0400.032−0.0590.201−0.1030.022
Survivor existing health condition0.6580.5740.0380.252−0.4681.785
Survivor hospital stay for COVID-190.5470.6600.0270.408−0.7491.842
  • *Multiple regression; B=the slope of the line between the predictor variable and the dependent variable—the larger the number, the more spread out the points are from the regression line; F-test=degree of the linear regression model fitting the data; R2=how well the model fits the data; males=1 and females=0; females are the reference group.

  • EQ-5D-3L, EuroQol group five dimensions three level; FROM-16, Family Reported Outcome Measure.