Table 1

Table of commonly used terms

Term we useWhat it stands forDescription of term
IVFIn vitro fertilisationThe process of stimulating the woman’s ovaries, collection of eggs, mixing of egg/s with sperm to make embryos, incubation of embryos and replacement of embryos into the woman.
ICSIIntracytoplastic sperm injectionThe process described above, except instead of mixing the woman’s eggs with sperm, a single sperm is selected to be injected into the egg.
A cycle of IVF or ICSIOne cycle of IVF or ICSI includes all the steps involved in IVF or ICSI described above, plus the replacement of any resulting embryos from that cycle (fresh or frozen transfer). A cancelled cycle, or a cycle where no embryos can be transferred both count as a cycle.
Embryo transferEmbryo transfer refers to the process of replacing an embryo that results from an IVF or ICSI cycle. Embryo transfers can be single, where one embryo is transferred, or double, where two embryos are transferred. No matter how many embryos are replaced, these all count as one embryo transfer procedure.
Ovulation inductionThe process of stimulating the ovaries to release an egg each month. This can be done using tablets such as clomiphene citrate, or injections. The couple conceive the baby through sexual intercourse.
  • ICSI, intracytoplasmic sperm injection; IVF, in vitro fertilisation.