Table 3

COVID-19-related knowledge, attitudes and preventive behaviour during the first wave in Spain

KnowledgeCOVID-19 caseP value
Main symptoms*
 Body pain200762.012778.4<0.001
 Respiratory distress296491.615092.60.394
 Drops when coughing or speaking318998.616199.40.324
 Contaminated surfaces289889.614187.00.186
 Physical contact with someone infected249077.013885.20.007
 Through pets317498.316596.30.068
Prevention measures*
 Wear a mask275485.114187.00.293
 Wash your hands frequently321499.316199.40.699
 Clean surfaces frequently274184.714388.30.129
 Stay at home206163.79759.90.184
 Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze280786.714690.10.128
 Keep a distance of 2 metres304594.115092.60.259
 You think the coronavirus is a disease that is…0.347
 Very severe117836.45332.7
Emotional impact
 How worried are you about COVID-19?0.453
 Not at all150.510.6
 A little2848.8127.4
 Very worried115435.75433.3
 In the last 2 weeks, you felt depressed…0.010
 Once a day1454.553.1
Preventive behaviour
 During the lockdown you have…
 Washed your hands frequently311396.215394.40.176
 Kept distance of 2 metres309595.615193.20.107
 Changed clothes when you come back from outside201162.19961.10.804
 Kept shoes at the entrance of the house208064.39760.00.275
 Cleaned knobs and switches frequently141643.89860.5<0.001
 Washed clothes with hot water112834.98451.9<0.001
 Since the lockdown you wear a mask…
 Always outside the home163050.410866.7<0.001
 At work59118.34628.40.001
 Since the lockdown you wear gloves…
 Always outside the home91228.25936.40.026
 At work50615.64326.5<0.001
 Since the lockdown you have left home…<0.001
 Every day51015.82817.3
 Time to time226269.99156.2
 I have not been out since46414.34326.5
  • *Correct answers.