Table 1

STAR trauma and injury profile

Total records2436
Saudi nationality146360.1
Age in years at event; median (IQR)29 (20–44)
 0–14 and unknown29712.2
Type of injury
Cause of injury
 Burns—all types813.3
 Cause with systemic effect (drowning, suffocation, asphyxia and electrical injury)110.5
 Falls—both high and low86535.5
 Motor vehicle occupants85235.0
 Other specified external cause482.0
 Pedal cyclist—rider or passenger70.3
 Penetrating wounds including gunshots and stabbing974.0
 Struck by object or person1194.9
 Unspecified external cause70.3
Injury Severity Score range
 Total records2219
Severity of individual injuries
 Total injuries coded5829
 Minor or severity unknown5659.7
Trauma status
  • STAR, Saudi TraumA Registry.