Table 3

Base case cost-effectiveness model outcomes

Clinical outcomes
 Overall effectiveness (QALYs)20.1320.14
 TB cases per 1000 LTBI cases30.1627.89
 TB deaths per 1000 LTBI cases2.482.29
Cost outcomes (2019 US$)
 Total cost$924$628
Costs of LTBI treatment$535$260
 Costs of AEs$116$108
 Costs of TB disease treatment$182$168
 Surveillance costs$92$92
  • Costs are in 2019 US dollars.

  • AEs, adverse events; 9H, 9 months of twice weekly isoniazid; 3HP, once weekly rifapentine and isoniazid for 12 weeks; LTBI, latent tuberculosis infection; QALY, quality-adjusted life years; TB, tuberculosis.