Table 2

Cost parameter estimates. Costs are in 2019 US dollars

ParameterBase case estimateUnivariable analysis rangeReference(s)
Complete 9H treatment$806$489–$1207IPH, NMH25
 Drug costs$5
 DOT costs$500
 Other clinician costs$173
 Chest X-ray$55
 Sputum testing$64
 Liver function testing$9
Partial isoniazid treatment
 3 months$388$271–$543IPH, NMH25
 6 months$597$389–$874IPH, NMH25
Complete 3HP treatment$383$296–$492IPH, NMH25
 Drug costs$87
 DOT costs$77
 Other clinician costs$96
 Chest X-ray$55
 Sputum testing$64
 Liver function testing$5
Partial isoniazid+rifapentine treatment
 4 weeks$126$103–$159IPH, NMH25
 8 weeks$194$151–$253IPH, NMH25
Mild AE$13$0–$197IPH13
 Nursing costs$13
Severe AE$2584$1379–$6614IPH, NMH13 25
 Hospitalisation in Iqaluit×1.2 days*$2411
 Outpatient clinician assessment$156
 Laboratory monitoring$17
Fatal AEs$65 737$41 365–$75 725IPH25 46
 Hospitalisation in Iqaluit×7 days$14 059
 Medical evacuation$19 951
 Hospitalisation in Ottawa x 7 days$7366
 Intensive care unit in Ottawa×7 days$24 359
Cured TB disease$1517$1214–$28 841IPH25
 Fatal TB disease$66 495$41 365–$76 635IPH25 46
 TB treatment costs×6 months$759
 Hospitalisation in Iqaluit×7 days$14 059
 Medical evacuation$19 952
 Hospitalisation in Ottawa×7 days$7366
 Intensive care unit in Ottawa×7 days$24 359
Surveillance for those <13 years old$54$50–$65IPH, NMH
 Nursing costs$54
Surveillance for those ≥13 years old$531$431–$638IPH, NMH
 Nursing costs$54
 Chest X-ray×4$220
 Sputum testing×4$257
  • IPH: data from Iqaluit Public Health, 2019, unpublished.

  • NMH: data from Nunavut Ministry of Health, 2019, unpublished.

  • *The number of days of hospitalisation was used assuming that, as in Sterling et al, 17% of these patients would have a grade 4 AE and all those with a grade 4 AE would require 7 days of hospitalisation.

  • AEs, adverse events; DOT, directly observed therapy; 9H, 9 months of twice weekly isoniazid; 3HP, once weekly rifapentine and isoniazid for 12 weeks.