Table 3

HR and 95% CI of CVD, CHD and mortality in women

HR*†95% CIHR*95% CIHR*95% CI
No of siblings (ref. non-sibling)
 One sibling0.980.98 to 0.990.990.97 to 1.020.940.93 to 0.95
 Two siblings0.990.98 to 11.031 to 1.060.920.91 to 0.94
 Three siblings10.99 to to 1.110.930.91 to 0.95
 Four or more siblings1.011 to to 1.210.950.93 to 0.96
Birth order (ref. first birth)
 Second1.011 to to 1.090.960.95 to 0.98
 Third1.021.01 to to 1.180.980.96 to 1
 Fourth1.041.02 to to 1.210.98 to 1.03
 Fifth+1.051.03 to to to 1.07
  • *Full adjusted model: Adjusted for age at start, individual characteristics of family income, marital status, educational attainment, immigrant status, socioeconomic status, region of residence, comorbidities, number of siblings, and birth order.

  • †Multivariable competing risk survival analysis.

  • CHD, coronary heart disease; CVD, cardiovascular disease.