Table 1

Search strategy Medline (Ovid)

1cerebral palsy/
2(hemipleg* or hemipare* or dipleg* or dipare* or quadripleg* or quadripare* or dyskine* or atheto* or dystoni* or chorea* or ataxi*).mp.
3child/ or adolescent/
4(child* or preschool or adolescen* or youth or teen* or student* or pediatric*).mp.
6(end effector* or exoskeleton*).mp.
7(robot* adj2 (assist* OR aid* OR mediate* or facilitate*) adj3 (therap* or interven* or rehab* or training)).mp.
8upper extremity/
9(upper extremit* or upper limb* or arm or shoulder or elbow or forearm or wrist or hand or finger).mp.
101 or 2
113 or 4
125 or 6 or 7
138 or 9
1410 and 11 and 12 and 13
  • ∗, unlimited truncation; /, medical subject headings; adj2, terms within two words of each other in any order; adj3, terms within three words of each other in any order; mp, mutli-purpose.