Table 1

Basic characteristics of COVID-19-admitted patients

VariableDead (n=156)Discharged alive (n=533)
Age in years
Median (IQR)55 (20)38 (26)
Presence of symptoms at the time of presentation
Comorbid conditions
Types of comorbid conditions
 Heart disease85.1391.69
 Chronic pulmonary disease53.2161.13
 Kidney diseases53.21152.81
 Liver diseases10.6410.19
Number of comorbid conditions
Severe acute respiratory infection*
Was patient in ICU (y/n)
Respiratory support
 No respiratory support8957.0552097.56
 Oxygen by mask/cannula6139.10122.25
 Non-invasive ventilation42.5610.19
 Ventilator support21.2800.00
Median (IQR) length of stay in hospital1 (3)4 (7)
  • *Respiratory rate >30 breaths/min, severe respiratory distress, SpO2 <90% on room air.

  • ICU, intensive care unit.