Table 1

Assessments and timepoints

Study timepointsPrescreen ingBaselineDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Days 5–8Days 5–28 (as applicable)Day 28
Informed consentX
Eligibility criteriaX
Eligibility review if change in health informationX
Randomisation/treatment allocationX
Baseline case report formX
Nose swab collection (if child remains unwell)XXXXX
Nose swab returnX
Intervention arm—HS dropsXXXXXX
Daily diaryXXXXXX
Adverse eventsXXXXXX
End of illness diaryEmbedded Image
Satisfaction questionnaireEmbedded Image
Return of diariesX
Day 28 wheeze questionX
  • HS, hypertonic saline.