Table 1

Research question in PICOS format

1. Population, or participants and conditions of interestChildren and young people (CYP), defined as those under the age of 18 years
2. Interventions or exposuresMigration status; any migrant CYP, i.e. living in a different country from that of their birth
3. Comparisons or control groupsCYP who have not migrated, described as ‘the host population’
4. Outcomes of interest
  1. Mortality (age group: 1–4, 5–9, 10–17 years), infants are excluded unless clearly stated that they have migrated after birth, in which case they will be included in 1–4 age group

  2. Communicable diseases (incidence/prevalence)

  3. Non-communicable diseases

  4. Overnutrition and undernutrition

  5. Mental health outcomes

  6. Disability

  7. Vaccine coverage

  8. Accidental and non-accidental injuries (eg, assault and abuse)

5. SettingStudies in any setting and from any country will be included
6. Study designsAll studies presenting original data, including observational (cohort, case–control and cross-sectional studies), systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials reporting quantitative data on health outcomes in international migrant CYP