Table 5

Data extraction template

Data extraction themesData elements that will be extracted from each eligible article
Study characteristics
  • Database

  • Title

  • Authors

  • Year

  • Type of article

  • Country name(s) or global focus

  • Country type (World Bank classification)

  • WHO region

  • Study populations

  • Study location

  • Study design and methodology

  • Framework used (if any)

Dimensions of Integrated Care and Pandemic Preparedness
  • Definition of IHSD

  • Pandemic phase when IHSD implemented

  • IHSD related risk assessment (preparedness, response and recovery)

  • Typologies of integration

  • Type(s) of service(s) integrated (if applicable)

  • Integration mechanism (if applicable)

  • Integration structure (if applicable)

  • Integration intensity (if applicable)

  • Incentives for integration (if applicable)

  • Timing of integration (if applicable)

  • Organisational and operational components of integration

Intersection with COVID-19
  • Provided details on COVID-19 pandemic specific to a country (if applicable)

  • Facilitators of integration

  • Barriers to integration

  • Positive effects of integration

  • Negative consequences of integration

  • Recommendations—COVID-19 specific

  • Recommendations—health system (non-COVID-19 specific)