Table 3

PubMed literature search script for the scoping review

Search themeSearch script for PubMed
Integrated care(Delivery of HealthCare, Integrated[mesh] OR Integrat*[tw] OR Integrat* Care[tw] OR Integrat*Health Care[tw] OR Integrat* Healthcare[tw] OR Integrat* Health CareSystem*[tw] OR Integrat* Healthcare System*[tw] OR Integrat* Care Model*[tw] ORIntegrat* Delivery System*[tw] OR Integrat* Service Delivery[tw] OR Integrat*Service Delivery System*[tw] OR Integrat* Health Service*[tw] OR Integrat*Health Service* Delivery[tw] OR Integrat* Health Care Polic*[tw] OR Integrat*Healthcare Polic*[tw] OR Integrat* Health Care Organisation*[tw] OR Integrat*Healthcare Organisation*[tw] OR Integrat* model* of health care[tw] ORIntegrat* model* of healthcare[tw] OR Health System* Integrat*[tw] OR Integrat*of Health Care System*[tw] OR Integrat* of Healthcare System*[tw] OR Integrat*of Health System*[tw] OR Integrat* of Health System*[tw] OR Service*integrat*[tw] OR System* Integrat*[tw] OR Continuity of Patient Care*[mesh] ORHealthcare Continuum[tw] OR Health Care Continuum[tw] OR Care Continuum[tw] ORContinuum of Care[tw] OR Continuum of Healthcare[tw] OR Continuum of HealthCare[tw] OR Case Management*[mesh] OR Care, Patient-Centered[mesh] OR PatientCentered Care[mesh] OR Patient-Centered Care*[mesh] OR Patient-FocusedCare[mesh] OR Care, Patient-Focused[mesh] OR Patient Focused Care[mesh] ORCoordinat*[tw] OR Coordinat* Care[tw] OR Coordinat* Health Care[tw] ORCoordinat* Healthcare[tw] OR Seamless Care[tw] OR Comprehensive Health Care[tw]OR Comprehensive Healthcare[tw] OR Collaborat*[tw] OR Collaboration between[tw]OR Interface*[tw] OR Case Manage*[tw] OR Case-management[tw] OR CaseManagement[tw] OR Patient-Centered Care*[tw] OR Patient Centered Care*[tw] ORPatient-Focused Care*[tw] OR Patient Focused Care*[tw] OR People-centred Care*[tw]OR People Centred Care*[tw] OR People-centred health system*[tw] OR PeopleCentred health system*[tw] OR People-centered Care*[tw] OR People CenteredCare*[tw] OR People-centered health system*[tw] OR People Centered healthsystem*[tw]) AND
Pandemic preparedness((Pandemics[MeSH] ORPandemic*[all] OR Epidemic[MeSH] or Epidemic*[all] OR Disease Outbreaks[MeSH]OR “disease outbreaks”[all] OR “disease outbreak”[all] OR (“disease”[all] AND (“outbreaks”[all]OR “outbreak”[all]))) AND (Preparedness, Emergency[Mesh] OR EmergencyPreparedness[Mesh] OR “Emergency Preparedness”[all] OR Planning, Disaster[Mesh]OR “Disaster Relief Planning”[all] OR “Disaster Relief”[all] OR Public HealthSurveillance[Mesh] OR “Public Health Surveillance”[all] OR Surveillance[all] OR“Pandemic preparedness”[all] OR “pandemic planning and response”[all] ORpreparedness[all] OR response[all] OR planning*[all] OR management[all] ORprevention[all] OR “humanitarian crises”[all])) AND
COVID-19(“2019 novelcoronavirus disease”[tw] OR “COVID19”[tw] OR “COVID-19 pandemic”[tw] OR “SARS-CoV-2”[tw]OR “SARS-CoV-2 infection”[tw] OR “COVID19 virus”[tw] OR “COVID-19 virus”[tw] OR“COVID-19 virus disease”[tw] OR “COVID-19 virus infection”[tw] OR “COVID-19”[tw]OR “COVID19”[tw] OR “2019 novel coronavirus”[tw] OR “2019 novel coronavirusinfection”[tw] OR “2019-nCoV infection”[tw] OR “coronavirus disease 2019 “[tw]OR “coronavirus disease-19”[tw] OR “2019-nCoV”[tw] OR “2019-nCoV disease” OR “Wuhancoronavirus”[tw] OR “Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus”[tw] OR “SARS2”[tw]) AND
LMICs(To conserve space the search script for LMIC is provided as online supplemental material) AND
Time frame(“2019/12/01”([PDat] : “2020/04/22”[PDat])