Table 4

Inclusion and exclusion criteria for the study selection process of the scoping review

ThemeInclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
SubjectIntegrated health service delivery for pandemic preparedness, response, and/or recovery for or during COVID-19Article lacking discussion on integrated health service delivery during or related to COVID-19
(Eg, A study may report case reports on COVID-19, and in the discussion, they recommended integrated health service delivery as a possible way forward. However, the article did not provide any specification or design of an integrated health service delivery model itself. This will be excluded during the selection process)
Evidence characteristics
  • Original research

  • Case studies or case reports

  • Expert consensus

  • Correspondence, commentary, opinion or editorials

  • Systematic, scoping or rapid review

  • Research letter

  • Conference proceedings and posters

  • Author’s reply

  • Research highlight

  • News or media watch

CountryLow-income countries and lower-middle-income countriesCountries from the upper-middle-, and high-income categories
Time frame1 December 2019–12 June 2020
Reporting characteristicsComplete articles that have been publishedArticle not published in English or without English translation