Table 3

Gender wage gap varying controls for experience

Dependent variable: hourly wages in main DHB job (ln)
Trained in NZ since 1994
Hours worked in main DHB job (omitted 41–50 hours)
 30 or fewer0.376‡0.337‡0.345‡0.323‡
 Over 60−0.324‡−0.271‡−0.270‡−0.267‡
Highest qualification (omitted bachelor’s degree/level 7)
 Honours and master’s0.0160.0110.0130.005
Age splineYesNoNoNo
Years since qual splineNoYesNoNo
Years since qual with child adjustment splineNoNoYesYes
Hours worked in other jobs controlsNoNoNoYes
Specialty fixed effectsYesYesYesYes
  • Each column presents results from an OLS regression with dependent variable log hourly wage in main DHB job. The sample is specialists who gained their medical degree in New Zealand (NZ) in 1994 or more recently. All observation counts have been randomly rounded to base 3. Robust SEs are in parentheses.

  • *P<0.10.

  • †P<0.05.

  • ‡P<0.01.

  • DHB, district health board.