Table 2

Ned Clinic effectiveness outcomes

Unmet need
(primary outcome)
Cancer Survivors’ Unmet Needs50T0*, T1†, T2‡
Health statusEQ-5D-5L57T0, T1, T2
Prostate cancer health-related quality of lifeExpanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite Short Form-2658T0, T1, T2
Overall health-related quality of lifeFunctional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Prostate59T0, T1, T2
Psychological well-beingGeneral Health Questionnaire-1260T0, T1, T2
Activation to self-managePatient Activation Measure-1361T0, T2
Satisfaction with care11 questions regarding experience and acceptability of follow-up care16T0, T2
Health behavioursQuestions to assess health practices (eg, smoking, fitness, alcohol consumption)T0, T2
Demographic and clinical characteristicsElectronic medical record and survey data collection will be used to capture the following data points: clinic site, age, ethnicity, education, employment, marital status, living arrangement, caregiver availability, technology use, time since diagnosis, time since treatment completion, treatment type, cancer stage and grade, comorbidities, healthcare resource utilisationT0
  • *T0: baseline (ie, at study start; immediately after the provision of informed consent).

  • †T1: 6 months post-baseline.

  • ‡T2: 12 months post-baseline.