Table 4

Study timeline

Stage 1: identifying the research question01 June 2019Research questions have been created for the initiation and planning of the scoping review protocol.
Stage 2: identifying relevant studies20 Aug 2020Searching strategy, database selection, and initial article searching have been developed and run with the assistance of a librarian.
Stage 3: study selection/data collection15 Feb 2021–14 June 2021Provisional selection criteria have been formulated, but may change when the review commences. We expect to screen 300 articles after removal of duplication. The researcher will review 19 titles and abstracts per week. A full-text review will commence on selected articles that met the inclusion criteria.
Stage 4: charting the data15 June 2021–14 July 2021On completion of stage 3, charting will be initiated and 30 days have been allocated for recording of research findings.
Stage 5: collating, summarising and reporting results15 July 2021–14 Aug 2021A descriptive summary of the study findings will be conducted 3 weeks after the completion of data charting. The scoping review will be published so that the information can be disseminated worldwide.